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For faster service, avoid the busiest times, which are:

  • Monday mornings
  • Friday afternoons
  • The last day of the month
  • The lunch hour

The Motor Vehicle/Deputy Registrar Office has proudly provided driver's license and motor vehicle license services since 1971. For every transaction processed at this office, the filing fee portion stays in Bloomington to support the City's ability to continue offering this service at the local level.


In addition to the convenient location and hours, the Bloomington Motor Vehicle/Deputy Registrar Office offers the following services.

  • License tab renewals – in person (via our "Super Service" line) or by mail
  • Driver's license renewals, changes and duplicates
  • Registration and transfer of ownership for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and mopeds
    • Fast-track titling service on vehicle transfers for an additional charge
  • Registration and transfer of ownership for recreational vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles, ATVs and off-road vehicles
  • Special plate applications: personalized, disability, critical habitat, support our troops, collector, firefighter, collegiate and various veteran plates
  • Notary Public

Forms available for download

Duplicate plate and title applications are available for download via the links below, or by visiting our office.

  • Duplicate plates and/or stickers
  • Duplicate title or registration card

Real ID Act

Minnesota is not in compliance with the Real ID Act of 2005 and there is a possibility that Minnesota Driver's Licenses or Identification Cards may not be used for domestic air travel starting in January 2018. Federal officials may continue to accept Enhanced Driver's Licenses from Minnesota. Passport books or cards and MN Enhanced Driver's Licenses are solutions to this situation because these forms meet the requirements of the Real ID Act. 

For more information, visit


Passports are processed at Civic Plaza. The City accepts passport applications by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Friday, 8:20 a.m. – 3 p.m.

  • More passport info

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Many cities also accept comments through online interfaces. An Open 311 application programming interface is also available for these services.

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Many cities also accept comments through online interfaces.

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